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Can’t live without: my Sorel boots

After moving to Colorado in October, I started to worry about the winter. See, I’ve never really lived in a place with snow before and I had no idea what to expect. When it snows in Austin or Portland, the city shuts down. Apparently, in Denver, it takes multiple inches of the white stuff before people consider staying at home?!?

So, for my November birthday, I asked for snow boots. Something with traction, that would be safe for stomping around in my increasingly preggers state. What did I end up with? Only the most beautiful, functional boots on the planet:

Maiden voyage of the snow boots… Image Source: me

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Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again…

I’m rereading Rebecca, the classic by Daphne du Maurier, and I find myself haunted by the story. Thought I’d share a tribute piece of typographic artwork I put together in grad school:

When I was younger, I thought of the book as a romance. Now, I think of it almost as a horror story. The naive qualities of the narrator and the unfolding layers of mystery are simultaneously compelling and gutwrenching.

As a reader, I’m transfixed by the imagery of the house and the slightly different, yet equally strong grasp it has on all of the characters.

Cheers (or shivers), Amy

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Window Shopping: Metal Wall Shelf

I’m contemplating using metal wall shelves in a living room/entry way gallery wall. I like the informality of pictures that lean, rather than hang, on the wall. Also, I want some flexibility to change items out with the seasons.

Here’s a few of the options I’ve been perusing…

CB2 has a gorgeous version in brushed gunmetal. It’s 48 inches wide, so plenty large enough to anchor a wall space.

Source: CB2

Ikea has a brushed aluminum version that comes in 15 and 25 inch lengths. It’s shinier, which I don’t like. Plus, it doesn’t have a lip on the front, so I’d have to devise a way to hold frames in place. The price per inch is less than half that of CB2, but I feel that I’d be settling a bit…

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The Precious Present

As I unpacked a box of books this morning, I came across one of my favorites. The Precious Present, by Spencer Johnson, is a beautiful parable about the importance of living in the (you guessed it) present and valuing each moment as it happens. A beautiful message and an important reminder to slow down.

Contemplating the upcoming birth of our first child adds an entirely new layer to the story. I’m looking forward to moving on baby time and being present for all of his first discoveries. At the same time, I imagine that one of the challenges of parenting is being able to separate from the cares of “adult life” so that you have time to respond to your child when they ask for that special moment with you.

Image Source: Six Sisters Beadworks on Etsy

I think that, today, I’ll take a few minutes to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy rereading this book. Then, I’ll add it to the bookshelf in the nursery.

Cheers, Amy

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A few of my favorite links…

Here’s a few websites and stories that I recently discovered…

Covet Garden: I stumbled across this magazine via Design*Sponge. Each online edition features a different family and house, really taking the time to go in-depth with their lifestyle, decor, and more. The visual styling is beautiful and I love the concept - that going beyond the superficial adds depth to personal design choices.

Dolly Parton article on Jezebel: Not everyone shares her fashion sense, but we can all aspire to Dolly’s level of self confidence. There’s an article (and photo gallery!) on Jezebel titled How Dolly Parton Escapes All Fashion Criticism. As it states “She’ll keep wearing whatever the hell she wants and loving every thread of it. It’s a supernatural gift and all we can do is bear witness and show respect.”

What We Can Learn From Old Animals article on NYTimes: Beautiful photo gallery of older animals, by fine art photographer Isa Leshko. Inspired by caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s, these pictures capture some incredibly poignant moments. (Fair warning - I cried. Disclaimer - I’m 39 weeks pregnant, so crying occurs at the drop of a hat.)

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In love with Etsy - Old New Again

I’m getting ready for a purchase from one of my favorite Etsy stores - Old New Again. They feature vases and wall art constructed out of worn wood and upcycled parts.

Here’s the item I’m contemplating buying:

Aren’t they pretty? I can just see them hanging in my bathroom, one holding toothbrushes and the other holding fresh wildflowers.

Here’s a selection of other crafty wonderfulness available at the shop:

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